Recently Installed a New PC System?

Great! How are you protecting your software and valuable data? You need to plan your protection now against potential pitfalls, because problems do occur. Hard drives crashes are rare, but they still happen, and massive data losses from natural disasters and terrorism have made headlines. But the important point is that 80% of data loss is due to human error, an ingredient that's hard to eliminate. A corrupted hard drive can be reconfigured, but it can take days or even weeks of time you may not be able to afford and certain items may be lost forever.

Any form of backup is better than none, but you can choose a technology and a system that is suited to your needs. Tape drives offer more versatility than other removable storage technologies through their capabilities to perform more applications. Certainly their function for Internet downloads is of paramount value. The drag and drop feature of new software for Windows tape backup makes the function transparent to you, while assuring the integrity of your data.


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