Your Hard Drive is Full.

What Do You Do Now?


You have only three choices:

1) buy additional hard drive space (expensive, and useful only for storage),

2) erase data and/or Internet downloads (not really necessary), or

3) install a tape drive (reasonable, easy, inexpensive, and useful for a range of other applications). With a tape drive you actually have infinite storage, since you only need to use another multi-gigabyte minicartridge.

Ease of use is another plus. New software allows a tape device to become a letter drive on Windows systems, just like other storage devices, so backup and restore requires only dragging and dropping from within the File Manager and the Windows Explorer to and from tape.

Desktop storage management software is available to transport data easily from your hard drive to a nearline storage system -- i.e. a tape drive. Tape has excellent benefits and flexibility of application when compared with other choices. It offers greater capacity than removable disk drives, plus a lower cost per megabyte stored and lower drive cost. It is a proven technology, with interchange and backward compatibility to earlier product classes. And remember, it is an ideal medium for Internet downloads.

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