How safe is the data and software in my notebook PC?

The security of mobile data and software is in inverse proportion to the utility of the notebook PC itself. A notebook computer is tremendously helpful in your work away from the office, but the data it contains is at very great risk. And drops and dings are not the worst of it -- nearly 1,000 notebooks are stolen each day in the U.S. alone.

In a very real sense you ought to treat the notebook as your only PC; the need to back it up before and after every trip is at least as great as having a proper backup strategy on your office PC. Tape backup devices and notebook PCs are compatible-- despite how they may appear side by side. If you have any question on this, please contact the drive maker for additional information.

Removable hard drives can also be lost or mixed up in your travels. You know better than anyone that the stuff on notebook PCs is often mission-critical -- maybe even a career-ender if you lose it. So be smart and back up your notebook before and after each time it leaves the office.

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