I am involved in network PC backup. What do I need from a storage technology?


Well over 80 percent of corporate PCs are tied to a tape device, so the reliability and cost benefits of tape are well established. There are several key factors to consider in choosing a tape technology for network backup. These include: capacity, performance (transfer rate), reliability, widely available media, software support and scalability (into tape libraries, which literally puts capacity in the terabyte range.)

QIC tape minicartridge solutions now provide the important read-while-write feature as well as hardware data compression and ever-faster transfer rates. Another important consideration is that QIC network backup comes from an industry, with multiple suppliers, and supports industry standards for compatibility. Three different companies are now marketing automation solutions. And QIC tape subsystems offer unsurpassed reliability and durability for use in a broad range of operating and storage conditions. Contact QIC media makers for additional information on the special network server packages now available.


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