Recovering ".qic" files

What is a ".qic' file?

A .qic file is a backup file written in QIC-113 format. A single .qic file contains a collection of files, much like a .zip file. Backup programs insert files into .qic files to gain a number of advantages including:

* Compression, typically cutting storage space for the file in half.

* Spanning, permitting large collections of files to be split across multiple discs.

* Extended attributes, saving long filenames, security, etc. so the files can be resored on any operating system exactly as they were originally.

How do I extract files from a .qic file?

Files can be extracted from a .qic file using the "restore" feature of the Windows 95/98 Backup program. The Backup program can be started from the start menu by selecting Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Backup.

How do I install the Windows 95/98 Backup program?

The Backup program is an optional accessory and may already be installed. If not, the Backup program can be installed using the following steps:

* From the start menu, select Settings -> Control Panel.
* Start "Add/Remove Programs".
* Click the "Windows Setup" tab.
* Select the "System Tools" component.
* Place a check mark next to "Backup"
* Click OK

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