Why Tape ?

Your data, software and Internet downloads are invaluable.

Replacing them in the event of loss can take many days, and often is impossible. Backing up on floppies is impractical, given the capacities of today's hard disks. So, do what business PC users do - complete your system with a tape drive. They're easy to install and use, and offer the lowest cost per megabyte of any available storage choice. 

What Does Tape Do for You? Who Makes QIC Tape Products? What Is QIC Tape?

What Does
Tape Do for

A tape drive expands the capacity of your hard drive by allowing you to store inactive files and applications offline. A tape subsystem is your optimal solution for safe and secure file transfer. And we think you'll find QIC tape the most reliable and useful of any removable storage technology. It offers the best performance/capacity solutions for desktop and standalone PC applications, not to mention the lowest system cost. And, "tape on the desktop" software is available to enable easier use of tape drives than ever.

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Who Makes
QIC Tape

Eleven manufacturers (well known international companies) make QIC drives and media to be compatible with industry standards. See our Membership Listing.

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What Is
QIC Tape?

The QIC tape universe includes data cartridge products and quarter-inch, QIC-Wide, Travan and QIC-EX minicartridge solutions.

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